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Sweatin’ On: Yin Style

Posted on Apr 25, 2013 by in STR, Uncategorized | 0 comments


I had the good fortune of being able to attend a yin yoga and meditation retreat with Sarah & Ty Powers at Kripalu last weekend after a very long and very sad week in Boston.  I was introduced to yin yoga at another weekend workshop about two years ago and, since then, yin and I have been best friends.  When I’m feeling blue, I do some yin.  When I’m feeling stuck (either in my head or in my body), I do some yin.  When I am feeling really energetic, I do some yin.  I love it, love it, love it!  And I was pumped to study with Sarah Powers and bring to life the woman whose book I so adore.

In addition to making me feel like I’ve been given a new pair of hips, yin yoga has the added benefit of being the perfect activity to don all my extra comfy and soft yoga clothes.  You may be like me and have a small collection of Lululemon Scuba Hoodies that always seem like a good purchase at the time, but then you realize that you really only wear them for the few minutes that you are traveling to and from class in the spring or fall.  They are too hot for the summer and too bulky under winter jackets.  Ladies, I’ve got good news- they are perfect for yin yoga.  Sitting in a pose on the ground for 3-5 minutes can really cool you down, so you want to wear something warm.  Additionally, you want to have on something soft.  Five minutes in a deep hip opener is a true mental and physical challenge.  Feeling cuddled and soothed by cotton when I want to scream inside helps.  Honestly, it does!  So here are a few items that are on my wish list for yin.


OMgirl Layover Cardi, $84,

When it comes to comfy cotton yoga clothes, OMgirl can’t be beat.  The longer sleeves are nice to pull down over chilly fingers and the wide collar can be opened or closed depending on your body heat.


PVBLIC Evolution Tank, $68,

This tank comes from PVBLIC’s Galapagos collection.  PVBLIC is such a neat clothing company.  Every season is inspired by a different region or place in the world, and each piece is creatively designed.  I’ve been collecting their pieces from Alaska (my dream vacation destination!) and beyond.  There’s a bit of shell detail on the collar of this tank- what a lovely little surprise!


Rebecca Michaels Black Knit Tailored Pants, $94,

These pants are the right blend of being both stretchy and loose to let you open up in a yin yoga pose while staying comfortably still.  I would totally wear these pants out of the studio.  In fact, I’d wear this whole outfit out on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Boston.

xxoo Sweat the Runway      smallSneaker

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