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Sweatin’ On: Twin Peaks

Posted on Aug 20, 2014 by in STR | 0 comments


In my last post I mentioned that I like birds of prey.  This is true.  Just check out these photos of me with various birds of prey:



Ok, that last one isn’t me, but I like to pretend that I am a wizard like Harry.  And like Harry, I love owls.  My friends and family know this, so I own lots of owl goods, including various items of clothing with owls on them.  This works for me because in addition to loving owls, I love Twin Peaks.  I first watched the series when I was in college, and I’ve watched it again and again since then.  When my parents took me out to Seattle to visit my sister years ago I begged them to take me up to Snoqualmie Falls.  Together as a family we drank coffee and ate cherry pie at Twede’s Cafe and took one of my favorite family photos in front of the falls (by the way, my family never watched the show, so they were being really good sports while I freaked out about everything).  About 10 years later my husband and I went back and took a more thorough tour of as many filming spots we could find in the area.  We even found the saw mill and sheriff’s station!  It was awesome.

Since they recently released a Twin Peaks box set with new footage, I’m going to watch it all over again.  This show gets under my skin, which means it will influence my style and I’ll want to wear anything that Audrey would wear over the next few weeks.  Why not let it influence my workout wear too?  When looking for Twin Peaks inspired goods I made sure to filter out all items related to the Black Lodge and dead Laura Palmer because they are both scary and tacky (you don’t mess around with BOB).  Below are my top picks for adding a little Twin Peaks flavor to your sweat session.



1. Teenage Temptations T-Shirt from Etsy ($22) 
2. David Lynch Legging from Live the Process ($170)
3. FBI Agents Sweatshirt from Etsy ($28)
4. Weekender Sweatshirt from Adidas by Stella McCartney ($200)
5. Converse X Missoni Chuck Taylor All Star ($90)

xxoo Sweat the Runway      smallSneaker

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