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Sweatin’ On: Travel Tips

Posted on Jun 20, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments


My lack of regular posts over the past two weeks is due to my nutso travel schedule for work this month.  It hurts that I can’t focus on STR as much as I would like to right now, but the necessity of having to tote around suitcases and load them onto planes, trains, and automobiles gave me a great idea for a post.  A big perk of traveling around so much is being able to try out different studios in cities around the world, and I very much take advantage of that.  This means that when I’m packing my suitcase for a trip I have to plan out how much workout gear I’ll need to take with me and what type (will I be spinning, taking barre or yoga, etc.?).  And since I like to look my best when I’m working out and at my full-time job, things can get crowded quickly in my suitcase.  Through trial and error I’ve developed a few tips that have helped me become an efficient, yet stylish traveler who likes to work out.

1. One pair of pants = two tops
No matter what type of workout I’m doing, my workout pants never get quite as sweaty as my tops, and so I have no shame in airing them out and wearing them again with a different top.  Black leggings are basic and easy to match with a variety of tops, but why be boring?  I took some brightly colored Lululemon Wunder Under crops to NYC this week and paired them with a striped Power Y Tank one day and a pink Strala yoga tank and sports bra the next.  No one complained about any stank.



2. Find workout clothes that can also be work clothes
Look for comfortable tops or jackets that can serve as double agents.  They (the workout clothing gods) are doing amazing things with sweatpant material these days, so look for soft cotton tops, sweatshirts, and jackets that would look just as smart with your fancy work pants as they would with your lycra leggings.  Better yet, wear these on the plane to make your journey a little less uncomfortable.  I picked up this Sweaty Betty sweatshirt dress in London the other week and wore it with a tank and leggings to take a couple classes at Frame, and then later on in the week I paired it with a short sleeve top and jeans.  No one told me I looked silly to my face.



3. Buy yourself a hard-earned souvenir
Instead of packing all of your workout gear, bring a couple of neutral items (black pants, tank, sports bra, etc.) and treat yourself to something new from the studio or gym you visit.  I love purchasing gear from all of the places I workout (see Strala tank above).  It’s my version of a souvenir t-shirt.  Each piece reminds me of where I went and how much I hurt after the workout.  I left London with a lot of kit from Sweaty Betty, a new top from Barry’s Bootcamp, and grippy socks from Frame.  Worst case you’ll have to carry a shopping bag onto the plane.  Deal with it.

Finally, if you took the time to pack workout clothes and shoes, take the time to do the darn workout when you are traveling.  Your job will give you a million excuses to skip it.  Don’t.

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