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Sweatin’ On: Sweet Lips

Posted on Sep 12, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments

Lip Stains

I don’t wear much make up day to day, but I love it, and I especially love shopping for it (hello, Barneys).  When I teach, I wear little to no make up because I can’t stand the feeling of sweating, even a little, through it.  I do worry, though, that I look pretty rough when I’m standing up there, and every once in a while I’ll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think, “Girl, that’s not good.” These little shudders down my spine have compelled me to find a fix- something that’s going to give me a bit of color without feeling like I’ve spackled my face or have raccoon eyes (mascara was out for this very reason- I tried).

My solution was simple – something bright for my lips!  I experimented with lipstick, which went great for one class (I received many compliments!), but gradually migrated to my outer lips by the end of class #2 (let’s not discuss class #3).  Ladies, it did not work, so I tried the next best thing – lip gloss!  That went a bit better, but my hair frequently fell into my face and just stayed there, stuck to my lips.  It was unruly and annoying and I either ate my hair or slowly started to style it with gloss.  I guess it could have been worse.

With lipstick and gloss being out, I turned to my final options – tinted lip balm and stains – and this is where I have happily landed.  No weird outlines on my lips over the course of class.  No accidental goth hairdos when my outgrown bangs fall into my face.  Just a nice amount of color and moisture for my lips.  Below are my favorite lip balms and stains to wear in and out of the studio.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($22.50)
My husband calls the Fresh store in Boston my “Cheers” and he’s right.  They know me when I walk in and happily shout my name.  I buy most of my skin and body care products from them (what up, Boston-based companies!) and have been doing so for several years.  Because the tint is subtle, you can’t go wrong when you pick out a color.  Right now I’m digging on the new Cherry tint, but I have them all and rotate through them depending on the season and my mood.  If you want a hint of color you can start with one layer.  To add depth, pass it over your lips again.  They even have a clear gloss so you can stick with the balm for the studio and add a bit of shine for your hot date afterward.

Benetint Rose-tinted Lip & Cheek Stain ($30)
A classic, right?  The color works well on everyone because it is so sheer it highlights the natural shade of your lips.  It look me a while to get the hang of putting just the right amount on, so plan on experimenting a bit with this product.  I was skeptical about using it on my cheeks, but that worked beautifully too!  It’s perfect for enhancing that post class (i.e. that class was H.A.R.D. and I feel disgusting but I have to go meet my friends) glow.

Lulu Organics Ruby Mint Lip Balm
To me, this is the safest of the three options because it’s truly a lip balm first and a color for your lips second, despite how dark the shade looks.  You’ll still see it, but it will be lighter than the two options above.  One swipe of this magical product, though, and your lips will be all kinds of tingly, thanks to the mint.  You can’t beat the smell, and the oval shape of the tube, which makes it easy to apply.  Overall, this lip balm is the bomb.


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