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Sweatin’ On: Sweats!

Posted on Dec 15, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments


The first snow storm of the season hit Boston this weekend, which means I’m snuggling up at home putting up our Christmas decorations, wrapping presents, watching “One Magic Christmas” (best Christmas movie ever?), and thinking about the wonder of sweatpants.  I believe we are currently experiencing a renaissance of sweatpants, and I am all for it.  I’ve discovered great options in a range of stores from Anthropologie to Rag & Bone that are being styled with everyday clothes.  Fashion gods, I hear you loud and clear – sweatpants are no longer just for the gym or lazy days at home.

If you are interested in joining me in wearing “fancy sweats” when you are working out, Christmas shopping, or at work (I understand that’s pushing it, but if there was ever a week to push the limits of office-appropriate workwear, it’s this week, when everyone is working for Friday and ready for some serious time off), then check out these sweet options.

Sweats.fw1. Quilted Terry Loungers from Anthropologie ($68)
The quilted detail at the knees is what sold me on this pair of sweats.  Honestly, Anthropologie has so many great sweatpant options right now that it was hard to narrow it down to one for this post.  I selected these because of the quilting, but also because of the flat waistband and back pocket – features which make these sweatpants a bit classier.  I’m waiting for these ones to go on major sale after the holidays.  Don’t buy them.

2. Lazypants Sweatpants in Dark Teal ($80)
Funny story – one night at a work dinner I mentioned to a colleague that I was thinking of starting a blog on workout clothes.  He asked what I was going to call it, and after hearing the lame ideas I had in mind, suggested “Sweat the Runway”.  Done.  During the same conversation he told me how his brother owns a sweats company called Lazypants.  Amazing!  These sweatpants are serious business.  The material is thick and cozy, and the waistband is generous, which makes these the most decadent sweatpants I own.  They would be great for layering over leggings when going to/from the studio, but I prefer to sit on my couch when I’m wearing them to stay true to the brand’s name.  Maybe, maybe, I would wear them for a restorative yoga class, a.k.a. nap time.

3. Solow Slouchy Pant ($110)
I mentioned these pants in another post, and they deserve more attention because they are perfect examples of sweats that can work for working out or doing your thang in the office.  They are one of my best buys from the past few months.  I’ve worn these with a sports bra and tank to teach and take barre classes, with a tee, jean jacket, and flats to see HAIM with Chrissy, and with a sweater and booties to the office.  I wish I didn’t know that Solow now offers them in multiple colors.

4. Reebok Strong Relax Pants ($45)
I spotted these on the lovely Tara Stiles during the Strala yoga training in Boston back in September, which is no surprise, given that she collaborated on the design with Reebok.  I thought about a lot of things that weekend – how much I love the Strala style and want to incorporate it into my yoga teaching, how I would really like Tara to be my friend (we both like Swatch watches), and how great those sweats looked on her.


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