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Sweatin’ On: Stylish Bags

Posted on Mar 20, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments


I teach several mornings a week, which means I need to shower at the studio or at my office.  I’m also pretty girly, which is another way of saying I like my products and I only want to use MY products because they are the best (but I’m always down with sharing because that’s caring).  And I have a lot of them.  Just ask the gals that work at the Fresh store in Boston.  I tote around loads of stuff and it never seems to fit in one bag.  My dream bag is out there somewhere, but I haven’t found it just yet.  In the meantime, I am always on the lookout for good options, and so I’m sharing with you what’s on my hot list right now.


My mom gave me a LeSportsac Voyager in Black Patent for Christmas (thanks, Mom!) and, ladies, I love it.  I use it as my everyday bag.  It’s large enough to hold a change of clothes, and sturdy enough to keep my laptop safe.  The drawstring top makes it easy to stuff lots of junk in it, and the side pockets are perfect for my phone and iPod.  My wallet just fits in the front pocket, and sometimes I have to negotiate to get it in and out (life is hard, man), but that’s the only beef I have with this bag.  It’s offered in a variety of prints, but I think the Black Patent or Black solid is the classy way to go.

Leopard Bag

If I found $60 on the street I would get the Outdoor Voices Jacquard Leopard Gym Bag in a heartbeat.  It looks a little small, and I can’t tell how much it would hold, but that baby is cute.  If I meet up with friends after work I usually bring my gym bags to the bar (and pretend that the sparkly headband I’m wearing shows that I did my hair).  I would not be embarrassed to walk into a bar with this bag.

Bolt Bag

The 80s aficionado in me can’t get over Electric Yoga’s Bolt Bag.  It reminds me of Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth perfume bottle (YOU CAN STILL BUY THIS OMG).  It’s big enough and reasonably priced.  Plus, it looks squishy and soft.  It’s a triple threat!


xxoo Sweat the Runway      smallSneaker


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