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Sweatin’ On: Skulls

Posted on Mar 23, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments


I like skulls.  Let me clarify – I like classy skulls.  For example, the skulls above are repeat images of Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God sculpture.  He does skulls really well.  D.L. & Company do skulls beautifully too.  When it comes to clothing, All Saints nails Victorian skull imagery, and I have a few tanks and tees from them that I adore and wear to teach and workout regularly.  They make me feel badass.  A word to the wise when it comes to All Saints, though – never pay full price.  It’s just not worth the quality.  Their sales, however, are fantastic, and at least in Boston, no one seems to want to snatch up the skull tees except me, so I get to clean up.  Thank you, conservative Boston!  When I head to NYC, I pop by Zadig & Voltaire.  Their clothing ain’t cheap, but man is it sweet.  I have a bedazzled bat sweatshirt from them that is the best.  That’s right – a BEDAZZLED BAT SWEATSHIRT.  Don’t mess with me.

I’m always looking to add to my skull/badass workout clothing collection, and here are a few pieces that I have my eye on right now:

UO Skull Top

Sparkle & Fade Skull Lace-Back Sweatshirt, $49,

I am buying this any day now.  I think it would look great with these OmGirl Nomad Leggings.

Asos Skull Top

Just Female Flower Skull Oversized Sweatshirt, $81,

Yes, I would like you to be mine.  You look so big and comfy.



Onzie Hot Yoga Capris ($50) and Criss Cross Yoga Bra ($36),

A little aggressive if worn together, but killer (pun totally intended) separates.  I can absolutely see these pants being all the rage at Soul Cycle.


xxoo Sweat the Runway      smallSneaker



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