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Sweatin’ On: Meredith Wendell Bags

Posted on Apr 5, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments


Sometimes when I find a designer that I am so excited about, I get a fluttery feeling inside my stomach.  This doesn’t happen too often.  I’m pretty comfortable with my personal style.  I’m not claiming to be unique or unusual, but I do have my own taste, and when I find something that tickles it, I’m in.  As my friend Emma likes to say, I am a very good fan.  Today, I became a very good fan of Meredith Wendell bags.  I won’t wax poetics about why I love them, and I can’t claim to own any of them, but I will tell you some stories about my favorite styles (and relate them to fitness, I promise!), because they all remind me of being a kid in the summertime.


1. The Satchel in Washed Demin
I was a kid in the 80s and early 90s, so faded denim (of the non-acid wash variety) is my jam.  This bag reminds of summer vacation between 8th & 9th grade at my friend Jenny’s house.  We would snag her parents’ video camera from the back closet and make music videos in the backyard.  Although the world never, ever needs to see me lip-syncing En Vogue’s “Giving Him Something He Can Feel”, those were fun, fun days.  Today, the Satchel in Washed Denim and I would enjoy sunny afternoons in the Public Garden.  She looks big enough to hold my book, workout outfit, and many, many pairs of Core Fusion socks.


2. The Raffia Duffel
This 80s-inspired bag makes me feel nostalgic for all of those skating parties that I used to attend for friends’ birthdays or school fundraisers.  The couples’ skate always stressed me out.  I mastered skating backwards.  And it was so humiliating to skate out of the bathroom (and a damn challenge to skate into a stall) with toilet paper on your skates.  If I won the lottery I would absolutely consider opening up a skating rink and have adult nights (but not like that).  Bands could play in the middle of the rink and people could skate and dance around them.  Drinks would be served, but I have no idea how I would manage drunk skating (maybe a referee?).  I would bring the Raffia Duffel with me to the rink and it would be badass.  She could hold my skates and scrunchies.


3. The Circle Canvas Handbag in Deep Blue
This one reminds me of being on the Boblo Boat.  Sadly, neither the Boblo Boat nor Boblo Island, a Detroiter’s summer amusement park dream, exist anymore.  Half of the fun of taking a trip to Boblo Island was the boat ride.  You could wear a captain’s hat (as I am so fashionably sporting below at the age of 5) and get down on the dance floor.  One whole level of the boat was dedicated to dancing.  Amazing!  The Circle Canvas Handbag reminds me of the jelly bean rainbow t-shirt I am wearing below, which was a favorite.  If they made it in my size I would wear it now and teach an 80s-themed Core Fusion Cardio class in it.  The Circle Canvas Handbag looks like she could carry all my stuff (which would include my Reebok silver high tops and pink legwarmers) with ease.

Boblo boat


xxoo Sweat the Runway      smallSneaker


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