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Sweatin’ On: Hometown Style

Posted on Apr 17, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments


I wrote the post below shortly before everything happened in Boston on Monday.  I’m blessed to claim two cities as home – Detroit, where I grew up, and Boston, where I have lived for nearly nine years.  Monday was heartbreaking, but Boston is strong and resilient.  I love this city and the people that live here.  

Work took me back home to Michigan last weekend, which was excellent for many reasons.  My mom is always happy to see me (thanks, Mom!).  I got to catch up with lots of friends and family.  And not only did I get to take a barre class from Christy, but she invited me to teach a class at her studio too (Real Results Training – check it out!).  Those gals worked their bootays off during class looked cute while doing it.  Here are some sweet styles I spotted.


Angelina (on the left) paired a bright pink Lululemon top with teeny tiny black shorts and killer striped, sheer leggings.  Pairing the shorts with the sheer leggings is a smart idea.  Many studio classes request that your leggings cover your knees so that they don’t interfere with certain exercises (no one wants chafed calves in flat back under the barre – ouch!).  Yet I often come across cute biker shorts when I’m shopping for workout apparel.  I’ll sadly gaze at the shorts and think to myself “we were never meant to be”.  But thanks to Angelina, I’m inspired to try the leggings and shorts look.  I saw Christy sporting a similar look too, so I guess that’s how they roll on the East Side.

Elise’s (on the right) mossy green cotton leggings are organic and incredibly soft.  You can’t see it in the photo, but under her pink top she had the loveliest floral workout tank.  It would peek out during class when I was adjusting her and make me smile.  I love spotting cute clothes, bracelets, watches, and nail colors when I am doing hands on adjustments during class.  I’m also a clothing tag ninja.  If it is out, I’ll be sure to tuck it back in for you as I make my way around the classroom.


Heather shares my love of open-back tops.  She’s deftly using hers (which is from Alternative Apparel) to show off her cool and complicated tank.


I paired my new galaxy pants with the Rejuvenate Pullover in Mellow Lemon from Lululemon for a night out on Saturday.  The side zippers made me feel nice and cool while I danced, danced, danced with Christy.

Keep it sweaty & stylish, Michigan!

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