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Sweatin’ On: Classic Workout Watches

Posted on May 22, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments


I use the term “classic” here because the watches I’m showcasing (inside my trenchcoat) are not digital.  I know, I know- it seems silly to consider using an analog watch for your workouts, but let’s be honest.  Unless you are using your watch to track your heartbeat or precisely time your distance, sets, or pace, a regular old watch works just fine.  Plus, there’s some kickass apps for your phone that are helpful and mimic many of the features of a suped up digital watch.  I use both types of watches to work out and teach classes, but style-wise, I prefer the look of an analog watch.  Below are a few that recently caught my eye.


From left to right:
Psychedelia, Mexican Mask, Strawberry Margarita
All $60 and available at

I am a long time collector of Swatch watches, so this brand is my go-to when I’m in the market for something new.  I’ve been gazing at these three styles each time I pass through Terminal C at Logan (which is a lot these days) and can’t make up my mind which one I like best.  The color palette on Psychedelia would be the easiest to match with different workout outfits, but the flexible rubber bands on both Mexican Mask and Strawberry Margarita make them more comfortable during class.  Deciding which one of these to purchase is my current First World problem.


From left to right:
Women’s Casual ($55) & Weekender Slip Through ($45)
Both available at

The Women’s Casual’s white band and colorful face make it an easy piece for your summer fitness outfits both in and outside the studio.  The Weekender Slip Through looks like it just rolled off the ferry from Nantucket.  You can take it to the beach for a run and then sport it at the Gazebo for drinks (shout out to Stacey!).


A pink version of this Remix watch ($45) was included in one of my Popsugar Must Have boxes and I’ve been wearing it all the time to teach.  This watch has a secret- it lights up and flashes to its own beat when you press a button on the side above the dial.  Sometimes I accidentally set off the light show when I flex my wrist, which I think is delightful.  It always makes people smile in class.  The face pops out of the band so you can mix and match colors and styles.  I’m keen on trying out one of the Sport bands in Dark Blue.

xxoo Sweat the Runway      smallSneaker

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