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Sweatin’ On: Christmas Kit

Posted on Jan 4, 2014 by in STR | 0 comments

Christmas Lights

It’s January, the month where I manage my guilt for overspending in December by going on a three month shopping hiatus.  Don’t feel sorry for me because not only did I do some damage last month, but I also scored lots of great kit as Christmas presents.  It’s time for me to “shop my closet”, which is a phrase I’ve never warmed to, but I like to think that if I say it enough, it will make the idea sound more exciting.  I’ll start that shopping experience with my new items, some of which I’m sharing with you below.  Let’s pretend we are in kindergarten again and this is Show & Tell, but with exercise clothes.

Christmas Outfit 1

I’ve had my eye on the L’Urv Arrow Zip Leggings from Carbon38 for a few months, so I was psyched when my mom gave them to me for Christmas.  I wore them the next day to barre and yoga at the beautiful ABx studio that my friend Christy recently opened (check it out, peeps!), and the compliments were flowing.  I learned that orange patterned leggings make the ladies smile.  Truthfully, the ankle zippers sometimes got in the way during stretches, but I am willing to overlook this inconvenience because the cotton fabric make these leggings so damn comfortable.  I paired them another Christmas present, Pvblic’s Evolution Tank from their Galapagos collection.  Although this tank is no longer available, pieces from other collections are in their online shop.  I dig this brand and the simple, but neat idea of theming a collection around a location or culture.

Christmast Outfit 2

The week before I went home to Michigan for Christmas I walked into Core Power to teach yoga and saw these on the rack in front of me.  I’m pretty sure I gasped because I think they are so badass.  I bought them and another pair (also amazingly cool, but I feel like I want to save those for a future post.  I’m mysterious.) and packed them in my suitcase.  I was slightly aghast that no one said anything when I wore them to another barre class at home (different studio, clearly more uptight than ABx).  I decided that the Deer Medicine Hot Pants (?!?!) needed another run, and after I purchased the Detroit Turned Out to Be Heaven tee from Christy’s studio, I thought I would pair the two items together.  Still no reaction, but Jonny Kest gave my leg a little squeeze when I almost kicked him in the face during his yoga class.  I like to think that squeeze meant “your Deer Medicine Hot Pants are awesome.”

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