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Sweatin’ On: Black Milk

Posted on May 9, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments


Last weekend my friend Catherine & I decided to take the NYC fitness scene by storm and hit up 7 classes over 3 days to check out new studios and visit old favorites.  We both travel to NYC frequently for work, and usually manage to squeeze in a class while we are there, but those trips always feel like teasers to us.  It was a total indulgence to take a trip, just the two of us, work out like crazy, eat delicious meals, buy souvenir apparel from different studios (Catherine, I can’t wait for you to wear that top from Barry’s Bootcamp), and laugh our booties off.

To celebrate the trip I surprised Catherine with a new pair of leggings from Black Milk (and picked up a pair for myself too!), one of my favorite companies for well constructed, sturdy, and surprisingly comfortable leggings.  Oh, and the designs are off the hook.  Here’s my collection of Black Milk leggings to date:

LeggingsFrom left to right:
Galaxy Leggings – my first purchase!  
Card Skull Leggings – birthday gift from the amazing Andy!  
Muscle Leggings – legendary.  Tammy can’t keep her hands off me.  I wore these for my yoga presentation.

Catherine loved her new leggings and so did most of NYC.  We spent all of Saturday strolling around the city, sweating in spin, boot camp, and yoga, and getting many looks and a few compliments from folks on the street and in the studio.  My favorite moment is when I came out of the changing room at Paragon Sports and Catherine was standing there with a man from Australia who wanted to know just where in Australia these leggings were from, and I happily told him.  Ladies, these leggings are so worth the price, shipping charge (relatively cheap and sometimes free!), and delay.  Here’s a few shots of us living it up in our leggings:


Good friends are the best, man.  Thanks, Tucker, for being such a great one!

xxoo Sweat the Runway      smallSneaker

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