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Sweatin’ On: Barre Socks

Posted on May 16, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments

Barre Socks

Whenever I start thinking about socks for a barre class, I always envision Charles Barkley saying “I need some socks for my footsies“.  That commercial tickles me.  But I feel Mr. Barkley because having good socks that feel just right on your feet is both excellent and necessary for a barre class.  When I first started taking barre classes years ago, Crescent Moon ruled the sock scene (and still supplies most major barre studios with custom logos), and I imagine they’ve been crying tears of joy as more and more barre classes pop up in studios across the country.  I can’t tell you off hand how many pairs of grippy socks I own, or how many of worn through (damn you, Flat Back), but I did have to purchase a special basket for them since I ran out of drawer space.  The basket used to be a mix of boring blacks and grays, with a couple of pinks (Breast Cancer Awareness socks) and greens (no explanation on that color) scattered through.  The spectrum of sock colors is finally expanding, thanks to a couple of companies who have enough business sense to realize that there’s a market for these darn socks.



Barre Socks

The name gets no points for creativity, but their selection of colors and prints gets them props.  I purchased the three colors above and have been mixing and matching them with my workout outfits.  In terms of quality, Barre Socks are on the same level as Crescent Moon.  They grip is solid, the material is plush, and the ankle has a cushion.  Size-wise, they run a bit smaller than Crescent Moon, so next time I’ll size up (my foot size is 8-8.5 and I usually wear a small in Crescent Moon).  All in all, I approve.


logo (1)


Consider Blake Brody to be more barre shoes than socks, given that they are made of sturdier materials (suede, canvas, etc.), have a liner, and don’t need to be washed after class.  They are also much pricier than socks, but you have to factor in longevity of wear and ease of reuse (you could get away with owing one pair of Blake Brody shoes and no barre socks at all).  There’s a variety of styles and colors, but that also means there’s a difference in fit between them.  I own a pair of the Emmas, which feel great when I put them on (hallelujah for arch support!), but pinch my toes and ankles after one class.  I have friends and fellow teachers, however, who swear by these shoes and wear nothing else on their feet.  The grip can’t be beat they have a polished and professional look to them, but I still prefer grippy socks for my footsies.

Have a suggestion for barre socks I should try out?  Send them my way, please!


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