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Music Monday: Love & Rockets

Posted on Mar 25, 2013 by in STR | 0 comments


Mondays are the worst, man.  The WORST.  To make the start of your week (and mine) a little sunnier, I’m excited to introduce Music Mondays to you.  Each Monday I’ll share a favorite tune with you and design a workout outfit inspired by the song.  Music can really make or break a fitness class, and I am especially choosy when it comes to my playlists.  I enjoy all kinds of music, but 80s new wave bands rock my world.  That’s why I’m kicking off this weekly feature with Love & Rockets’ “So Alive”.  It’s a sexy song that deserves a sleek, sophisticated outfit.


L&R Outfit.fw

From left to right:
Alternative Apparel’s Be Graceful Tank, $34,
Lorna Jane’s Starlite Pammy Bra, $63,
Lucy’s Divine Power Legging, $60 (on sale!),
adidas by Stella McCartney’s Run Climawind Jacket, $225,

You can’t tell from the photo above, but the Alternative Apparel tank has an open, drop back, which is perfect for showing off the Lorna Jane sports bra.  And the star pattern reminds me of the stars in the video below.  Sweet!  The adidas jacket has just the right blend of edge and functionality.  With all the cool stuff happening on top, I wanted to keep the bottoms simple.  And given the video has so much leg in it (take that, Robert Palmer!), a tight legging seemed an appropriate choice.  The cool bit of detail on these Lucy pants helps them stand out from the normal black legging, and I’ve never had a problem with Lucy leggings being see-through (ahem).


Rock on!

xxoo Sweat the Runway      smallSneaker


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