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About Sweat the Runway

I really like working out and I have a keen interest in fashion, particularly fitness apparel.  Sweat the Runway is my attempt at bringing those two loves together in a fun and informative way.  I don’t have an impressive history in the sports or fitness world.  I was never a world-class athlete. The one sports team I belonged to in grade school had one of the worst records amongst Catholic schools in Detroit.  Yet, I stumbled my way into the workout world and I have made my mark.  I have been teaching barre classes and training barre teachers at studios in and around Boston for over five years.  I consider myself a real barre aficionado, having taken and taught classes at studios across the US and UK.  I truly enjoy fitness and checking out all varieties of classes.

Because I spend so much time at the studio, I wear workout clothing just about every day.  I love it and I know it well, and I’m not afraid to put on something a bit outrageous.  Plus, most of my friends in Boston and beyond are involved with fitness, so together we are going to give you our honest opinions about what works, and what doesn’t.  We don’t want you to wear see-through leggings to class.  That’s both for your benefit, and the teacher’s.   What we want is for you to have as much fun with what you wear to work out, as you do with the workout itself.   And I want Sweat the Runway to be the place where you find inspiration for those workout outfits.

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