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About Laura

I was born and raised in the city of Detroit and played grade school basketball for four years.  I was once awarded “Most Improved Player”, which meant I had no basketball skills, but terrific team spirit.  I didn’t care.  I cheerfully accepted the award and decided that it was it for me in terms of sports.  During my freshman year of college I took a yoga class at the Ann Arbor YMCA with a friend.  I hated it.  All I remember is that I was in a lot of pain and the teacher wore nothing but a tiny pair of shorts with red-hot chili peppers on them.  I ditched yoga and spent varying amounts of time at the university gym with my friend Christy doing the Stairmaster.  The Stairmasters were positioned right by the main entrance, which meant that everyone entering the gym watched our attempts to try and stand up straight on the machines.  Christy and I took great pleasure in correcting other people’s forms on the Stairmaster.  We didn’t want them to get big butts.   I credit my continuing focus on alignment in class to that experience.

After college and a minor health scare I decided to give yoga another try, thanks to Christy’s encouragement and my fear of dying young.  We became regulars at the Saturday morning Ashtanga classes and I fell in love with yoga.  I carried that love with me to the UK, where I spent a couple of years studying and working and practicing yoga (and shopping).  You would think I would be decent at Ashtanga yoga, but I am not.  I still love yoga, though.

When I moved to Boston a yoga and barre studio opened up downstairs from my office.  I snagged a monthly pass and gave the Core Fusion class a try.  I hated it.  My thighs really hated it, so I went back to focusing on yoga at studios in Boston.  Something about the Core Fusion class stuck with me, though, and when I realized that I wasn’t progressing with inversions and arm balances in yoga, I gave it another try.  Core Fusion challenged me, made me stronger, and let me live out my secret ballet dreams.  When the opportunity arose to train to teach, I took it.  I auditioned, begged and pleaded, and studied for over 200 hours under the guidance of Fred Devito, Elisabeth Halfpapp, Debbie Frank, and Denise Griffin Crowe.  I’ve been teaching Core Fusion classes in all its varieties at Exhale Spa in Boston and beyond for over five years, and have recently started to train teachers.   I love teaching now just as much as I did when I first started.

I still love yoga too.  I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program with Exhale Spa and I’m also 200-hour certified PranaVayu Yoga teacher.  I’m looking forward to continuing to study PranaVayu yoga with David Magone and Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers.

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